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Chill Out There Spurs Fans

The first two games of the Spurs-Mavs series have come as a little shocker to the Alamo City fans.

Many San Antonio Spurs fans thought their home team would sweep this series, however, many experts also thought this series would be Spurs in game 5…maybe 6. Here’s the thing, no one really expected the Spurs to have such a horrible, fundamental-less game at home. But, does this mean Spurs fans should hit that panic button and repeat what many haters say, “the Spurs do what they do every year and blow it in the end!” NO.

Because this is a different team and Wednesday night’s game against Dallas was a different kind of basketball that did not look like Pop’s San Antonio Spurs.

“The Mavs have won 5/8 quarters through the first 2 games in their 1-1 split. Last year when the Spurs split 1-1 to start with the Warriors, GSW had won 5/8 quarters as well,” fellow Project Spurs Writer Paul Garcia said.

He’s right.

Golden State out-played the Spurs in the first two games of last years playoff series and so far Dallas has done the same thing. But again, this is the San Antonio Spurs and they have the deepest team in the league. With so much talent coming straight off the bench, there’s no reason why the Spurs should lose this whole series.

At this point in the playoffs, the Spurs bench has not even performed to their full potential. Not only have there been simple fundamental mistakes but the bench has not hit their mark yet. Throughout the regular season the Spurs bench were putting up stats that starters on other teams were hitting. This could just be playoff jitters, but it seems that the Spurs are still finding their playoff rhythm.

And boy oh, boy, if the San Antonio Spurs find that rhythm by game 3 on Saturday, it could be another blood bath -in Dallas. The Spurs are 4-0 against Dallas in the regular season and although that doesn’t mean much for playoffs, it does mean that when the Spurs are playing their best basketball, they can win with at least 100 points. Game 2 did not showcase that in anyway. Therefore, do not fear Spurs fans, for the real game is near.

Plus, it is only game 2. There is no need to worry, yet.