Celtics TV analyst Scalabrine thinks the Warriors can beat the Spurs

Despite his awkward exit from Golden State under Mark Jackson, former Warriors assistant coach, now new Celtics TV broadcaster Brian Scalabrine, had nothing but positive things to say about his former team.

In fact, his words were so positive that he thinks the Warriors have what it takes to dethrone the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs, now that the team added former Spurs guard Steve Kerr as head coach.

Via CBS Sports:

“If the Warriors could somehow take care of the basketball…get five to seven more attempts up as opposed to turning the ball over, which allows the easy bucket on the other end, if they can take care of the basketball, which I think they will because they’ll be better organized, then I think that they’re a team that can beat the San Antonio Spurs.”

Let’s bring it down a notch Scal!

First, the addition of Kerr is a nice move, but he is an unproven NBA head coach. He will need time to develop his coaching style and get the roster to buy into his system.

Also, the duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson is a nice one-two punch and has given the Spurs fits during the postseason, but they do need help.

Andrew Bogut needs to remain healthy, Harrison Barnes needs to continue to develop, Andre Iguodala is… well… Andre Iguodala, David Lee needs to stay healthy (and not to mention he isn’t a good defender), and Shaun Livingston (though a nice addition) will need time to mesh with his new teammates.

Will the Warriors be in the postseason hunt next season? Absolutely. However in the competitive West, Golden State still isn’t the cream of the crop next to the Spurs, and Oklahoma City Thunder.

And though they are a young, and an exciting squad, experience, depth, and continuity pays off in the end.

Just ask the Spurs, Scalabrine.