Budenholzer on watching Parker emerge, experience with Spurs

It's always good to hear previous coaches that have come from an organization that the San Antonio Spurs have and are known for and to this day you can still hear the praises the front office and the coaching staff still get.

Atlanta Hawks coach and former Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer talked with Paul Clarke of GiveMeSport praising the organization and talked about what it was like to watch Tony Parker emerge as one of the premier point guards in the league today.

During the interview with Clarke, Budenholzer, or Coach Bud as he is known around these parts, was asked how much he learned from his experience with the San Antonio Spurs, mind you he was with the organization since 1996, and how that made him the coach that he is today.

"For me and my growth to be a professional head coach, my preparation was huge to me. To spend those years in San Antonio and to be with the great Gregg Popovich, that was amazing," explained Budenholzer."

This is not the first time that we have heard one coach give praise to the brilliance that is of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.  Though he does get credit, Budenholzer also gives it to those players, the veterans that make it worthwhile in coaching and knowing how to approach things and what ways not to.

"The players were also really important to me. I learned a ton from Pop and the assistants, but you learn a lot from the players as well.

Working alongside the elite players I did with the Spurs was really beneficial for me. It's important in sports organisations that you share and learn from each other."

If anyone knows the strengths and the weaknesses of one player, Coach Bud knows that about one Tony Parker.  He was with the team when they first drafted Parker.  He raves about being able to watch him grow as a person and a player.  He explains that what he saw Parker doing day in and day out with his worth ethic made him realize what he can become as a head coach in the league.

"I feel fortunate to have been with Tony Parker from the time he was drafted. To watch him emerge and become a top-tier point guard was great.

All of that starts with a work ethic. Tony put in so much time and effort to become an elite player, that type of thing educates me of what I have to do in Atlanta."

Under Budenholzer, the Hawks are currently in fourth place in the Eastern Conference with a 20-18 record.

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