Bruce Bowen credits the return of Kawhi Leonard for Spurs’ current winning streak

The San Antonio Spurs are back at full strength, and are on an eight-game winning streak, beating some of the NBA's top teams. And while some may be surprised the Spurs winning ways, former Spur Bruce Bowen isn't one of them.

While on ESPN's "NBA Lockdown" show, Bowen credits the return of Kawhi Leonard as the main reason San Antonio is looking like the favorite to win the NBA crown.

"He [Leonard] is long and he can play defense as well. He gives you more of a complete player as far as someone who can have a complete impact on the game. The only thing that you hope from Kawhi is that he continues with the mindset of being aggressive. Because there's times where he becomes disinterested in the game and you see it."

"I think that the biggest component right now with what the Spurs are doing is because of Kawhi. His play."

Bowen went on to praise Leonard's three-point shooting which allows other players from getting into the lane.

The only thing I disagree with Bowen is Kawhi losing interest in the game. He has a motor and willingness to do what it takes game-in and  game-out for the Spurs. Take into account he is playing with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili who will get their touches it will take away from what he could do if he was the go-to player for the Spurs.

In the end Kawhi is extremely important to any chance the team has at capturing an NBA title. His ability to defend the top players in the league will factor into San Antonio's playoff push.