Boris Diaw ‘dreads’ the Thunder in West playoffs

The San Antonio Spurs were swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder 0-4 this regular season. In the four games, the Spurs looked lost when facing OKC’s athleticism, and left many Spurs fans worried that the Thunder might be the team to up-end any title dreams heading into the postseason.

Well it seems Boris Diaw shares the same sentiment when it comes to San Antonio’s chief Western Conference rivals.

In an interview with French site Metro News, Diaw was asked about which team he fears in the West, without hesitation he replied the Thunder.

In the Western Conference, Oklahoma City, even if no team is easy to deal with. In the East, Miami and Indiana, who fought for first place in their conference.

It is true OKC seems to be the only major hurdle in front of the Spurs if the two teams meet in the postseason.

However, this is a Spurs team built for postseason success. The core is well rested, and with the growth of Kawhi Leonard, the emergence of Patty Mills and the addition of Marco Belinelli, this team might be giving OKC one heck of a fight.

The Thunder will not go out quietly and he Spurs know this.

Needless to say, should the two team meet, it is going to be one epic series which will have Spurs fans sweating a bit.

What do you think Spurs fans? Do you dread the Thunder like Diaw?