Diaw critiques Duncan’s lack of fashion sense and Belinelli’s special socks

Fashion and the NBA seem to go hand-in-hand.

It is not uncommon for NBA players to wear the latest trend, the snazziest suits, or the over-the-top nerd look like OKC’s Russell Westbrook.

San Antonio Spurs’ Boris Diaw considers himself to have style off the court, but when it comes to his teammates Tim Duncan and Marco Belinelli, Boris likes to critique their choice of clothes.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Diaw was asked about style in the NBA and spoke of Duncan’s lack of fashion sense and Belinelli’s affection for socks.

Players like Tim Duncan are not interested in fashion at all! He wears anything. He just wants to be comfortable. He takes the first thing that he finds – wide jeans, wide T-shirts. There are crazy fashionistas on the team. Marco always has very special socks and he rolls up his pants so everyone can see them.

Of course everyone knows No. 21 pays no mind to the latest clothing trends and to see him in anything beyond a plain t-shirt and jeans is a rarity.

As for Diaw’s style, he says he likes to class it up.

I’m in between. I like to occasionally put something on classy, be on my own, but also wear something in beach fashion.

Who do you think is the most fashion conscious on the team? Tony Parker? Manu Ginobili?