Blazers’ Lillard relives ‘tough’ playoff series vs. Spurs

It may be the NBA offseason, but there’s nothing like reliving the San Antonio Spurs’ march through the postseason en route to their fifth NBA title.

The Spurs demolished the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2014 postseason, beating them 4-1 in the West semifinals, and Portland’s Damian Lillard hasn’t forgotten about the buzzsaw that was San Antonio his team ran into.

Speaking with 1080 The fan, Lillard spoke about the series versus San Antonio and flat out admitted the Spurs just overwhelmed them. Via Blazers Edge:

It was tough. When we played them, our competitive nature was telling us that we weren’t playing well enough or that we have to play harder. The better team won. The Spurs, from Game 7 against Dallas through our series and the rest of the playoffs, they played great. They deserved to win the championship, they played like a championship team. They overwhelmed us, how well they executed, how hard they played consistently. How they moved the ball, it was tough.

Lillard is echoing what many finally see about the Spurs – a well-oiled, executing machine. A shame it took so long for the world to appreciate what San Antonio has done for the game of basketball.

As far as the series goes, Lillard should take solace at knowing Portland wasn’t the only team to feel the Spurs’ wrath. The Thunder, and Heat can attest to San Antonio’s wrecking machine as well.