Belinelli says being at the All-Star Game is important in his career

Whether winning the Most Valuable Player, being selected on the NBA first or second team, these can make a difference or become important to one player in his career.  For first year Spurs player Marco Belinelli, being selected to participate in the All-Star Game festivities is 'important in his career'.

Belinelli talked with Italian website La Gazzette on his career and the excitement he has for this years All-Star Game.  He [Belinelli] will be only participating in the All-Star Weekend festivities, 3-point contest.  Even though that will be the only event, he still feels the importance it has on his career.

" Important for my career . I've always looked at it, I remember Larry Bird . Winning would be a dream , I will prepare myself ."

For those of you that have followed the All-Star Weekend festitivities remember watching Larry Bird in the three-point shoot-out.  Marco goes more in depth in his interview remembering when Bird raised his finger before the ball went through the baskete.

"I remember that last shot taken from the corner , he knew immediately that the ball would have entered , and before they even touch the retina had already raised his finger ".

To get his mind in perspective and know what to prepare for, Belinelli talked to another three-point assassin on the Spurs whom also competed in the 3-point contest last year, Matt Bonner.

"I have read the rules of the race by three points and I think that the hardest part will take many shots in a few minutes. too, Matt Bonner, who did it last year, has confirmed to me that it is something different from the usual. 're under the eyes of all , and you have to shoot 25 times in a minute. 's not easy" . 

In continuing on, you can tell the type of competitor that Belinelli is.  He doesn't want to let himself, the fans, nor the organization down when he does take the floor. He knows that preperation is the key. You cannot just go in and think you can put up as many shots in a little amount of time without any kind of preperation.

"But this competition be prepared , and I will train Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning just for this. want to give my best. Winning would be a dream , for sure I will do my best even if I have to face seven opponents very strong. But I'm called to All Star Game is an important step in my career and help my image . i'm glad to be able to represent Italy , my fans and my city , San Giovanni in Persiceto .

What are his chances of winning the 3-point shootout? The bookmakers in Las Vegas states that Belinelli starts off with the same chance of winning behind Damian Lilliard.  The odds on favorite, Golden State Warrios flame thrower, Steph Curry.

Through 51 games this season, Belinelli from the arc is shooting 44.6% nailing 79 out of 177 attempts.  The 44.6% ranks him fourth in the NBA today behind, Hawks Kyle Korver (46.4%), Bobcats Anthony Tolliver (45%), and Mavericks Jose Calderon 44.9%).

In his career (7 seasons) he is a 42.9% shooter from beyond the arc.  He has hit 1379 out of 3213 attempts.  We at Project Spurs wish Belinelli the best at the All-Star Game and the fesitivities.

I now leave you with this……highlights from February 1st when the Spurs took on the Knicks.  Belinelli hits six threes on his way to 32 points.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/TjHL_VMN1zc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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