Before Tip-Off: Snakes? Wright says never any interest last summer with Spurs

AT&T CENTER – Coming into Game two of the of the second round between the San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers, one would have assumed the questions for Blazers head coach Terry Stotts would have been focused on the Blazers trying to rebound Thursday, and even the series, after falling in game one. Instead, however, all the buzz was about snakes.

Reports began to surface from the arena about a rattlesnake being found in Blazers forward Thomas Robinson’s locker before personnel from both teams arrived at the arena.

“They said it was a rattle snake probably about three to four feet,” said Stotts on the snake incident, “they said it was a young one. I wasn’t here for it, but one tweet said Thomas (Robinson) jumped a few feet.”

When asked who got rid of the snake, Stotts said it was one of the AT&T Center employees, but also joked about the incident.

“I think some people here (got rid of the snake),” said Stotts, “they have them on hand.”

When asked if he could just assess the situation overall, Stotts said the whole scenario sounded like something that would have happened in the ABA.

“It’s bizarre to have a venomous snake in your locker room,” said Stotts, “I don’t know if it’s happened before, it sounds like an ABA story.”

There were so many curious minds thinking about the snake incident that at one point, the Blazers’ public relations person had to say, “Any basketball questions?”

Wright says never real interest with Spurs last summer

Three days into free agency last July, there was a rumor being floated of the Spurs being one team interested in current Portland forward Dorell Wright before Wright signed with the Blazers.

I asked Wright if there was really any interest between he and San Antonio, and he said no.

Nah,” said Wright, “I ain’t here nothing about that.”

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