Before joining Spurs, Diaw was close to playing in Boston

Even though Boris Diaw will be staying in San Antonio for another  three years, back in 2012, he almost wore Boston Celtics green instead of the silver and black. San Antonio and Boston were his primary choices after he was bought out by Charlotte.

Diaw was on the verge, and in his words, was “wooed” by Boston.

Via MassLive.com:

“I was thinking of going to Boston, or coming here (San Antonio), and I was wooed before Boston split up, so that was when (Kevin) Garnett and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were still there,” Diaw said. “It was definitely weighing in the balance that Tony (Parker) was here and I would come to familiar faces, and I felt the team was fitting me most. And I felt like I knew the team, I knew where it was going, because I’ve been friends with Tony all these years, and so I knew the way they were functioning inside this team.”

Luckily he did sign with the San Antonio Spurs and helped lead the team to their fifth title in franchise history.

If Diaw did sign with the Celtics, how would he have fared with that team?  As he stated, he thought that the team that was the best fit for him was the Spurs.

Back in the 2012 playoffs, the Boston Celtics team that he could have been a part of went to a grueling seven-game series with the Miami Heat before being eliminated.

Diaw could’ve been a vital role player off the bench for that Celtics team. During the Spurs postseason in 2012,  Diaw was averaging 6.2 points and five rebounds per game.

Unfortunately for the Celtics, who once lost a franchise big man to the Spurs in the draft lottery, they also lost the opportunity to sign Diaw, who has flourished and is breathing new life into his career in San Antonio.

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