Argentina head coach Lamas says tests results on Ginobili’s injury coming soon

Team Argentina (and to a larger degree the San Antonio Spurs) are waiting to find out of Manu Ginobili will suit up for Argentina for the upcoming 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain next month.

Manu has been adamant about playing for his home country despite a stress fracture on his right leg but in a recent interview, Argentina’s head coach, Julio Lamas, spoke about Manu’s injury and gave the date when all will now the results of Manu’s injury.

Via Canchallena:

I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, we are waiting for the results on the 25th. Then we’ll see. If he’s healthy, he’ll play, if he’s not healthy, he won’t. The studies he’s having will be sent to San Antonio and we’re also going to get a copy, so we’ll see.

So mark your calendars now Spurs fans. This Friday it appears all will know if Manu will play or not in Spain.

Though I suspect many Spurs fans (and the Spurs organization) won’t be too saddened if the test results show he needs rest and cannot suit up for Argentina next month.

Weigh in Spurs fans. What do you think about Manu and his injury?