Are These Guys Something To Be Worried About?

The San Antonio Spurs have made it to the NBA Finals for the fifth time in franchise history. Their 2013-14 roster has to be one of the deepest in the league and so far they have had to battle against some tough contenders in the West. Now they must face off against the East’s 2-time champion, the Miami Heat. As of now, the Spurs are the favorite and are ready to “do it this time.” Looking at the rosters from both teams, this repeat finals championship journey will be a tough and exciting one to watch.

There will be some roster adjustments compared to last years finals. There will also be some faces that will get more run this year as well as different matchups on each side of the court.

For the Heat, they do have a few players that are looking to make more of an impact this upcoming series. Rashard Lewis’ versatility as small and power forward will be something the Spurs will have to keep an eye on when the Heat spread the floor. Lewis could also be a potential starter come game 1 of the finals as he did the last couple of games in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pacers. Lewis has the experience and has made an appearance in the finals before with Orlando, playing a key role for the team. Heat’s Norris Cole brings the quickness and while being a strong defensive player for the team, he has the ability to keep up with a fast Tony Parker.

Are Lewis and Cole players that the Spurs need to watch for?

Lewis..maybe, he brings a different element to the team. He can spread the floor and has the aggression on defense that can stop big players like David West. He has helped the Heat outscore opponents by 92 points and has a plus-58 in the final four games of the Eastern Conference Finals. Lewis has the ability to make big shots when needed, in his final games against the Pacers he shot 9 for 18 on threes and hit 11 of his last 21 shots.

Cole may not show the stats when on the court but he does make a difference in the game. In game 6 versus the Pacers, Cole was a plus-17 off the bench, for game 6 that is better than starter Mario Chalmers who ended the game with 4 points.

At this point, the Spurs are not worried about anyone on the Heat roster besides Lebron James. So, Lewis and Cole anyone to be worried about? Depends. Sure, the Heat like to mix things up and move guys around just to have versatility on the floor, but at this point, the Spurs are ready for anything that may come.