After watching this video, you’ll understand why the Spurs added coach Ettore Messina

The San Antonio Spurs recently added Ettore Messina to their coaching ranks and from the following video interview, he is the perfect coach to have on the Spurs’ bench.

Not only does he compare the game of basketball to that of an orchestra, every single word he says reminds one of current San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich.

Messina talks about how a head coach cannot be a dictator on the court, that he understands all players come from different beliefs, races, and styles and a head coach must mesh this together. He goes on to speak about being a disciplinarian, developing trust among the team, how a team needs to buy into the team concept/system for an organization to succeed on any level, and much more.

Check out this great interview and get to know the newest Spurs coach. At the end of watching the interview, it becomes obvious why San Antonio was eager to add him to the team.