76ers’ Noel continues the belief he and Embiid will be the next Duncan and Robinson

First, it was former San Antonio Spurs assistant coach (now head coach of the 76ers) Brett Brown and now it appears Philly’s Nerlens Noel is setting his sights way too high when it comes to his pairing with rookie Joel Embiid.

Brown recently stated he sees Embiid and Noel as the next coming of the Spurs’ legendary duo of Tim Dunan and David Robinson and now Noel is echoing Brett’s opinion.


“I’m just foreseeing the future with all those blocked shots, and me finding him and him finding me,” Noel said at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine as the Sixers began preparing for summer-league play. “I think it is going to be a real good tandem like [Tim] Duncan and [David] Robinson.”

OK so maybe these two might be a force on the defensive end but offensively, that remains to be seen.

Duncan and Robinson got it done on both ends of the court during their time together on the court. Noel and Embiid are known for their defensive chops but that’s how far the comparison goes.

Basically, the jury is still out on these two and what they can do on the court in the NBA. Both have been hobbled by injury, Embiid might not step foot on an NBA court in the upcoming season and Noel will be making his NBA debut next season after sitting out all of last season due to injury.

There’s nothing wrong with Noel setting his standards high but he needs to take it down a notch before he goes comparing himself and an unproven NBA rookie to a couple of Hall of Famers.