76ers’ Joel Embiid half right, half wrong about next two NBA champs

The San Antonio Spurs will be the defending NBA Champs next NBA season and should be the favorites (unless you are Vegas oddsmakers) to win it all once again.

The Spurs will be bringing back the group by re-signing Boris Diaw, Patty Mills, and possibly adding free agent Pau Gasol to the mix. All of this and more make San Antonio’s chances at repeating at champs next season extremely high.

As far as which Eastern Conference team the Spurs could be facing remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, the 76ers won’t be one of them.

Something someone needs to tell Philly’s rookie Joel Embiid.

Reacting to the news of LeBron James returning to Cleveland, Embiid tweeted out a message saying the Spurs will win it all next season but then goes way too far by saying the Sixers will be the 2016 NBA champs.

Look it get it, what else is to say? Philly won’t be title contenders? Of course not.

However, let’s be realistic… Philly is quite a way from being NBA champs. Moreover, Embiid might not even play next season due to injury.

76ers have no where to go then up after last season’s debacle but for Joel to proclaim Philly the 2016 NBA kings… well, let’s bring it down a notch rook!