76ers’ Brett Brown compares Embiid, Noel to Duncan, Robinson

I know things were very bad for the 76ers last season and there’s no where else to go for the team but up, however, Philadelphia’s head coach Brett Brown needs to take it down a notch when it comes to talking about his young front court of Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid.

The former San Antonio Spurs assistant coach was asked about having Embiid and Noel and compared the two to the Spurs’ “Twin Towers” of David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

OK slow down there Brett!

First off neither Embiid nor Noel have stepped on to an NBA court. Noel sat out all of last season due to injury and Embiid might not even make his rookie debut this upcoming season due to a potential season-ending surgery on his right foot.

Second of all, you cannot compare Embiid and Noel to Hall of Famers like Duncan and Robinson! There will never be a duo like the Spurs had again!

There’s nothing wrong with building excitement for the 76ers fans base considering the fans suffered through a horrific 2013-14 season but let’s not go too far with this Brett.

Philly has two exciting young players but let’s see them develop on the court first before any comparisons to Robinson and Duncan are made.