15 50-win seasons: By the numbers

San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs won their 50th game for the 15th consecutive season. They’ve reached the 50 win threshold in 25 of their last 27 seasons.
“It’s better than losing 50 straight, I guess,” Gregg Popovich said postgame.
Popovich’s response notwithstanding, that level of sustained excellence doesn’t happen very often in the NBA, so I broke down the 15-year streak with (an excessive amount of) numbers. All stats are since 1999-00, when the streak began, unless otherwise specified.
1- Tim Duncan-led team that hasn’t won 50 games, the 1998-99 Spurs (only 50 total games due to lockout)
2- the second longest active 50+ win streak other than the Spurs
3- presidents in office during the Spurs’ streak (Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama)
3rd- straight year the Spurs reached 50 wins in their 66th game
4- NBA Finals championships
5- NBA Finals appearances
6- Kawhi smiles (unofficial count)
+6.4- Spurs point differential
7- bad contracts signed (unofficial count)
15- straight seasons with 50+ wins
16- winning streaks of 10+ games or more since 1996-97, the most in the league
25- seasons with 50+ wins in the last 27 years
37.8%- 3-point percentage
46.7%- field goal percentage
56.3- average win total per season, including this year
69- more wins than Dallas, who has the second most wins since 1999-00
84- Angry Pop interviews (unofficial count)
70.5%- winning percentage in the past 15 seasons
74.0%- free throw percentage
79.3%- winning percentage when the Spurs allow fewer than 100
88.7%- winning percentage when the Spurs score 100+
105- towels waved (unofficial count)
353- losses since 1999-00
534- 100 point games
845- wins since 1999-00
907- times the Spurs allowed fewer than 100
7,920- 3-pointers (7th)
21,402- free throws (23rd)
26,218- assists (8th)
44,180- field goals (10th)
110,060- points allowed (1st, not including the expansion Charlotte Bobcats)
117,682- points (9th)
Quixem Ramirez

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