Spurs fans react to Game 1 win over Blazers

A fresh series came with a fresh blowout for the San Antonio Spurs as they dominated the Portland Trail Blazers 116-92 Tuesday night.

There’s no doubt “down to the buzzer” games pump Spurs fans full of energy and ensure their tear ducts are functioning properly (win or lose), but consecutive comfortable wins have been a nice treat.

Tony Parker played a huge role in what was deemed a “Spurs clinic” with his 33 points. Even Aaron Baynes got some playing time, 14 minutes to be exact, in which he had 10 points and seven rebounds.
Another fire to add to the game one flame, – second highest scorer, Marco Belinelli with 19 points. Moments after the game, Parker shared his relief in saying, “The good news is Marco Belinelli…he’s back.”

In short, the young Trail Blazers could not find a way to stop San Antonio’s vets and trailed in their dust the entire 48 minutes, pun intended.

I noticed there was much talk in both offline and online predictions of a round one sweep being that the Spurs were matched up against the eighth seeded Dallas Mavericks. But, that has not been the case for round two.

Prediction chatter for a series against the Trail Blazers began within Spurs fandom as soon as the team had a substantial lead over the Mavs Sunday.
Many are preparing for an even bigger battle than we saw last series.

So much so, fans are not letting the excitement of a game in which the Spurs led by as many as 29 points distract them from their original predictions.

Here’s how they responded to the question, “After tonight’s blowout, have your series predictions changed at all?”

“Nope. Still Spurs in 6.” -@C_LosRun

“I predicted Spurs in 7!! I expect Portland to play better so I am sticking with that. Great to see the Spurs in rhythm tho [sic].” – @texastoutah512
“No, just more confident. Spurs in 5!” -@tbonesa

“Experience over youth. I still have Spurs in 6.” -@Fabo_V

“Nope. Still feel it’s Spurs in 6. Blazers won’t be this unprepared again. They will battle.” -@DQuesada

“I said Spurs in 6. But wouldn’t be surprised if they took it in 5. They are playing lights out right now.” -@jon123spurs

“No, I predicted 5, and I’m sticking to it. Game 7 awakened the beast. Spurs won’t take the foot off the gas.” -@Jose_R85

“Portland will definitely not go down without a fight, but the Spurs will be the ones most victorious…in no more than 6.” -@TheCrunchySopa

“No…I still think Spurs in 6. The Blazers are young and very talented but experience and depth win in post season.” -@raidthanfl

It’s clear San Antonio is in for a long ride with the Trail Blazers.

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