Video: Wizard’s Gortat fails to channel Hakeem

In his day, Hakeem Olajuwon employed a dizzying array of post moves that would regularly make his gigantic opponents seem defenseless against his offensive onslaught. Among his signature moves was the dreaded, "dream shake". Basically, the move is a combination of fakes and spin moves that would commonly shake off his defender and allow him to get off an easy shot at the rim. When performed with the grace and fluidity that Hakeem possessed, it was practically impossible to defend.
Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat recently gave the fabled dream shake a try versus San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan in their most recent match-up, and the result provides us all with some comedy gold.
After having watched the vine non-stop until I could finally contain my laughter enough to actually see his footwork, I have come to the conclusion that Gortat will likely never win Dancing with the Stars, nor is it likely he will ever finish this move in an upright position.
Your turn to chime in Spurs fans. What is your takeaway of the "Polish Hammer's" version? Dream Shake, or Dream Stank?