Video: Shaquille O’Neal would take Parker over any other point guard for his team

There is no doubt a lot of point guards in the league today that many owners, and analysts would love to be apart and lead their teams or even start their team with.  NBA Analyst Shaquille O'Neal on NBA TV was asked the simple question whom he thought is the best point guard in the league today and whom he would take to start his team.

O'Neal in the video went on to state that his first choice of course would be LeBron James but quickly stated though he is not a point guard he would go with Tony Parker whom he dubbed as the same time player as James.

Parker has proven year in and year out that he is the Spurs Most Valuable Player and does have that killer instinct when he feels his team needs him to take over.  What sets Parker away from any other point guard in the league is his scoring abilities in the paint.

What Parker does that makes it difficult for defenders to play him is the way he comes off of pick-and-rolls.  He does a amazing job reading what the defense gives him and if he sees an opening, mind you it does not have to be a big one at that, he will find his way to the rim.  

I went and compared statistics between Tony Parker and Chris Paul from a season ago.  Both of these players have similar style but when you look at their shooting distance and how many attempts each do attempt from less than five feet, Parker attempts six a game while Paul 4.5.  Continuing down, you could see that Parker was the aggressor.

Below you will see the shot chart from Parker last season and you can see most of his damage was done with the restricted area and out to the free throw line.

Last season Parker averaged 20.3 points per game and 7.2 assists.  Through three games this season, he is averaging 18 points per and 8 assists.

We always love to hear what our readers are thinking.  My question to you is, if you had a chance to start your own team, who would you have as your starting point guard?

Michael Rehome

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