Video: McHale Pulls a “Mike Tomlin” vs. Spurs

You might as well call this new trend "The Mike Tomlin". The Pittsburgh Steelers coach made a controversial play on the field in a game against the Baltimore Ravens and we saw a basketball version of it on Saturday night when the San Antonio Spurs hosted the Houston Rockets.

While Tim Duncan was trying to inbounds the ball before halftime, Rockets head coach Kevin McHale attempted to get too close to the action in possibly getting in TD's passing lane or obstructing his vision. Check out the video below.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was visibly upset and let the referee and McHale have a piece of his mind before the third quarter as there should have been a warning to get the coach out of the way during the game and back into the coach's box. What do you think of this Spurs fans? Do you think McHale didn't know what he was doing during this controversial play or do you think it was on purpose? Will more coaches be attempting to get involved physically in the game after this or do you think there might be consequences (fines, suspensions, or even some type of altercation)?