Video: Duncan, Parker’s real voice in NBA 2K 14

Do we have any gamers out there? How about fans of 2K Sports' NBA 2K series?  

I for one have been playing this since their first title and it has proven each year to be the best basketball title on any platform.  NBA 2K14 has already released for the current gen consoles but it is the difference the game is on the next gen consoles that has made this game solidify its standing as the only basketball title that fans need to pick up.

With the Playstation 4 hitting stores this weekend, November 15th, and the XBox One following a week behind, the developers over at 2K sports have been detailing and showing exactly what next generation gaming is all about.

The developers released a video which came out last Friday entitled "Real Voices Trailer". What does this mean.  Check the video out and see for yourself. Spoiler: You will hear San Antonio Spurs own Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

You can call me a geek, nerd or whatever fabulous word pops into your head but this is by far the most incredible feature to be added to any game. This is as close to the 'real thing' that any basketball title has ever looked.

What do you think? Does this add more to the realism of what the developers over at 2K are trying to pull in with their games?

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Michael Rehome

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Michael grew up in a Military family and has spent most of his life in San Antonio Texas. Married with two daughters of his own he grew up as many being a Chicago Bulls fan but grew to love the San Antonio Spurs and what their system and organization is all about. When he is not at home with this wife and kids or writing about the Spurs, he spends his time playing pick-up basketball with his friends. One time editor of Fansided Networks San Antonio Spurs blog Air Alamo, before joining the staff at Project Spurs.