Video: Baynes’ impressive highlights vs. Raptors

It's one of those nights we'll all remember where we were when Aron Baynes break out of his shell (for one game at least).

The San Antonio Spurs were slumping a bit to start the game against the Toronto Raptors. With starting center Tiago Splitter out due to injury, the Spurs were out of sync against the more energetic Raptors. That's when you cue Baynes coming into the game and playing with energy that Spurs fans haven't seen in years from a center. From pick and pops to taking the ball to the hole for a powerhouse dunk, Baynes showed a flash of what potential he has in the NBA on Tuesday night.

Check out the video of Baynes' highlights.

What do you think of Baynes' performance, Spurs fans? Did he show a flash of potential or did he surprise everyone (probably including himself) for one night?