Tony Parker thinks the NBA is really Hollywood

With the television commercials of all the prime athletes in the NBA, is San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker's statement about the NBA being really Hollywood that far of a stretch?  

In an interview back in September with GQ magazine, Parker talked about everything from, please forgive me, the Finals against the Miami Heat last season, the NBA dress code, being a poker addict and lastly a businessman.

Though we would all love to dive into and love knowing what these athletes do off the floor, Parker's statement on the NBA being Hollywood is what we are going to focus on.

I for one feel that he is truly on the right track.  You can't turn on your television today and see LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose or any other player in that matter that is doing a commercial for Adidas, Samsung, Jordan Brand, anyone of these.

What did make Parker come to the epiphany that the NBA was Hollywood.  In the before mentioned article with French GQ Magazine, Parker was talking about red carpets, the NBA dress code, and how players look in locker rooms.

With help from Google Translator, here is the full quote from Parker:

" This is a very good rule he confirms . I would say that this is great because now the NBA, it's Hollywood! With the red carpet ! In the locker room , everyone is fashion , well dressed. This is good for the image of the NBA. players play the game thoroughly , me , I do not go to the extreme but it should still give a good image of France ! "
The rule in which Parker is referring to is the dress code.  This here is no breaking news to anyone as we all know when the dress code came into effect.  These players get paid millions of dollars and they are going to their place of work, so they would have to present themselves to look business like.  Accept for some players in the league and you know whom you fellows are, Russell Westbrook and company.  We won't get into their wardrobe at this time.
I as you again, is Parker stating that the National Basketball Association is like Hollywood a far stretch? Or do you feel that he is right on point?  With the flashy cars, houses and jewelry these players feel the need to wear to make sure they have the 'look' is this truly pushing the limits? 
You may agree or disagree with what I have stated here but it is all out in the open.  You can see for yourself.  You are probably watching television today and you will in fact see a handful of commercials with any player from the league.  It is what it is.  
Back in the old days, we saw limited players on the tube.  Michael Jordan was the norm with Gatorade commercials and as times change, so does society.
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Michael Rehome

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