Tony Parker nominated for 2013 FIBA Player of the Year

FIBA Europe has announced its nominees for the 2013 FIBA Male Player of the Year and San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker was among the list.

Parker, along with other Euro athletes such as Marc Gasol, and Goran Dragic, definitely represented his home country of France, especially this offseason. Parker led Team France to gold (a first for France) at EuroBasket 2013 while earning MVP honors.

Moreover, TP is always ready to play for his home country despite long NBA seasons. Even during the recent NBA lockout, Parker suited up for ASVEL (French team where he is part owner) and has continued to be an ambassador for his native country.

Considering his iconic status in France and his rise among the greatest Euro players ever, Parker has a strong shot at capturing this award.

(via FIBA Europe)