Spurs’ Mills receives flop warning from league

It didn't take long until a member of the San Antonio Spurs got hit with a flop warning and it's not the guard you might be thinking of.

Backup point guard Patty Mills got the warning for an apparent flop during the second game of the season against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The play happened during the 4th quarter with under 12 minutes to go when Jordan Hill, Lakers forward/center, drove in and kicked out when the defense collapsed. 

As you can see from the video here, the flop is pretty debatable depending on which side you're coming from.

The NBA is probably looking at Mills' reaction when the contact is approaching him, but there is also the other side of the equation. We can't tell from the angle if Mills indeed flopped or if he actually had contact with a player. Spurs guard Marco Belinelli was also looking to protect the paint and was trying to beat the Lakers' big man before he got to the spot, which is where Patty was positioned. There may have been contact by Belinell or Hill or both.

The NBA has been pretty consistent with flop warnings, but this one may have been a knee jerk reaction to the beginning of the season especially if you're a fan of the team the player is playing for. If you're going by his reaction to the probable contact, it might look like a flop. At the same time, the reaction isn't important if he did get hit because then it wouldn't be a flop in the eyes of the majority of the fans and maybe officials.

What do you think of the flop warning Spurs fans? Is it justified or is this a mistake by the NBA?