Spurs-Magic Q&A with Orlando Magic Daily

Good friend of Project Spurs, Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily, recently spoke with Project Spurs' Michael Rehome on the topic of how much the Magic are trying to copy the San Antonio Spurs' system.
The Magic are trying to copy the San Antonio Spurs. There is really no way around that. From Rob Hennigan, a former Spurs intern) to Jacque Vaughn (a former Spurs player and assistant coach), the team wants to find a way to copy the sustained success the Spurs have had from the last decade. It goes from the culture the team is building to the personnel the Magic have brought in to establish it.
Tonight, the Magic get their first look at the Spurs this season. It is master vs. padawan tonight as Gregg Popovich and his defending Western Conference champions come to Orlando the night after Thanksgiving.
Since we are learning how to do things the "Spurs way," it seemed like the perfect time to turn to our good friends at Project Spurs and check in on how the Spurs are doing and hope their wisdom basks off on us. I chatted with Michael Rehome of Project Spurs to help preview this game:
Philip Rossman-Reich, Orlando Magic Daily: It is safe to say nobody thought the Spurs would be able to jump out of the gates so quickly after the way they lost in the Finals. How has Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan and company circled the wagons early on this season to get the most out of his team (again)?
Michael Rehome, Project Spurs: This is what makes the San Antonio Spurs and their organization so accomplished. As you stated, many teams coming off of a finals as the Spurs had, just seconds away from winning their fifth title, you would think they would not start the season as they have thus far. Popovich had shown the tapes to [Tim] Duncan and company to give them more fuel to the fire so-to-speak. Popovich is a great motivator. He knows what his players can do, each and every one of them. When the organization re-signed and brought back the core players, I just had that feeling that they (Spurs) wanted to get back to that place and bring home what was there.
Every player on this team knows their role. There is not one that will go out and try to overtake a game on his own. They all let it come to them. [The players] know who runs the team and where the offense is going to work through and that is [Tony] Parker. We have to remember how long Parker has been with the Spurs and how he has come through down the stretch for this team and has every year improved and been in the MVP talks.
Pop lets his players play. No matter who you are, if you mess up, you better believe he is going to come down on you. Maybe that is why they are playing well right now. Ha.
OMD: The Magic are trying to build things up in much the same way the Spurs and Thunder have built things up. Do you see any similarities in their approach with the current Magic roster? What is the secret to the Spurs never-ending success?!
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