Seeing the San Antonio Spurs at home is a good deal

We as fans will support our home teams no matter the price right?  Well, for some, how much a ticket costs as well as knowing how much you will be spending on vendors, gift shops and other areas of an arena could be a deal or a deal breaker for you.

I for one have been to many of Spurs games while growing up in San Antonio.  For me, the price of a ticket was not even an issue for me.  A report from the Huffington Post, can pretty much put those of you that are iffy about possibly buying a ticket to a Spurs game, more enlightening.

The San Antonio Spurs are one of two teams in the NBA that rank in as top franchises with the best value for NBA tickets.  As we are still pretty early into the 2013-2014 season, the article looks at all the teams in the league and shows their average ticket prices.  Below is a snapshot. 

(H/T Huffington Post)

You are probably not surprised at who tops number one with average ticket price.  The Miami Heat come in with an average price of $304.50.  Seriously!  As you travel down the list, way down the list, you will see your San Antonio Spurs sitting from the bottom with an average price of $134.90.  The average ticket price as you can see for the league is just over $170.00.

Moving on to home tickets average price.  Spurs average ticket price at home is just over $110.00 ($112.80).  Put it into perspective again.  The New York Knicks take this top spot with a $313.20 average.  Astonishing numbers but know that with these bigger cities, it means more expensive spending.

For those of you that have been in the AT&T Center you already know that you will get a good view of the game whether you are floor level, or the nose bleeds.  

The article continues on to talk about an area in which I found was really interesting, NBA team value ratings for the season.  Here is the quote discussing what this category is about.

In this category, there is little room for argument. The best value in the league comes from the elite teams. It should come as no surprise that San Antonio Spurs tickets offer the best value. The Spurs fall in the bottom 10 of the league when it comes to average ticket price, but they rank at a solid second place on my "interestingness" scale. With a good amount of star power, a Finals run last season, and as one of the most successful modern teams, they bring a lot to the table.

If you were in the cities that were listed at the top of the ticket price, would you be willing to spend as much for a ticket, one ticket, or would you pass and just watch in in the comforts of your own home?

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