Parker on the start of the season and Batum’s three-pointer

With the San Antonio Spurs sitting at two wins and one loss on the season, point guard Tony Parker spoke about the start to the season on his French radio show and also weighed in on Nicolas Batum's late three pointer which gave him a triple-double as the Blazers handed the Spurs their first lost of the season.

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Parker on beating the Lakers:

"It's not always easy to play the Lakers, against which it runs and it shoots everywhere.  This is not the same team without Kobe (Bryant), but this is a very talented and tough team to play".

Parker went on to talk about his battle against Steve Nash.  He speaks highly of him and you could tell the amount of respect that Parker does have for this future hall of famer.  Watching these two go at it at both ends of the floor is so great to see.  You sit back and know that Parker is taking something away from the greats that he does get to face night in and night out.  Parker goes on to state that Nash "has long been the best point guard in the NBA".

Parker surely has been mentioned in topics as being the best in the league to date and has stats to prove his worth against the elite in the NBA.  

Continuing, Parker was asked about his fellow frenchman Blazers' Batum and his late three-pointer that Tim Duncan was seemingly not to amused about.  If you watched the game against Portland, why we can't beat this team is beyond me, you knew Batum was just two points away from notching a triple-double.  With the game winding down, ball in hand, he threw up a three and nailed it completing his quest for the achievement.

Many would think that he was being selfish and just looking to grab the achievement even though the game was already in the bag for the team. However, TP thought otherwise.

"There is no controversey. I'm happy for Nico.  A triple-double, it is not easy".

Parker doesn't see it as anything to fuss about.  Do you agree with Parker? Remember, be careful what you say or you will get this look from Duncan.

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