OKC’s Westbrook Could Be Back In Action In Coming Weeks

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook could reportedly make his return to the team in the next few weeks, this according to Yardbarker (via Adrian Wajnarowski).  As you may remember, Westbrook suffered an injury to his knee during last years playoffs.

During the offseason, Westbrook would go in for a second surgery on his knee, due to a lose stitch. The team opened up their season with a win against the Utah Jazz, and team officials stated that the timetable for his return would be six to eight weeks.  As the report states, barring any setback, the Thunder could see their other All-Star back in uniform by mid-November.

With the teams 101-98 win over the Utah Jazz, it is apparent that the Thunder need their second scorer on the team.  Reggie Jackson is feeling in for Westbrook.  Though he does not have the same explosiveness than a Westbrook, there is not much scoring on the floor for one Kevin Durant.  

Fans of the Thunder have got to be reeling as the team won by just three points but Durant played 40 minutes while on his way to scoring a game high 42.  He did not have a great night shooting from the floor hitting just 9-of-24, he did get to the line (22-of-24) which contributed for half of his points.

Outside of Durant, two others scored in double-figures.  Thabo Sefolosha and Reggie Jackson each finished with 14 points.  Durant is a great scorer and is the teams leader, but without Westbrook, the game comes harder for Durant as teams can double-team him with really no other threat on the floor.

This is some great news for the Thunder and their fans.  Good news for others that see Durant having to play 40+ minutes a night as well.  If this continues, fatigue will settle in and this could be a long season for the Thunder.

Though San Antonio Spurs fans may not be as receptive to this news.

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