Marcin Gortat thinks the Spurs are Mozart

The San Antonio Spurs are a team that possesses all kinds of traits.  They have been characterized as a team that is boring to watch.  Others that have followed the Spurs since their existance knows that their style of basketball still mirrors how they started off their luxurious organization.

While watching Spurs games on the television, those that can't catch the games locally can only catch the team if their games are nationally televised have heard of the phrase "putting on a clinic."  As the San Antonio's laced up their shoes and headed back into the AT&T Center on Wednesday night against the Washington Wizards, the phrase that has been used by many, will now take a backseat to what came out of Wizards player Marcin Gortat postgame.

Washington Post reporter Michael Lee sent out this tweet by Gortat that sums up the way the Spurs played and continue to play.  Sit back and be ready to check out the awesomeness (is that even a word), that is Marcin Gortat.

If you continue to read the tweets that follow, there was one that we as Spurs fans have all come to hear and frankly know it is always going to be said.  "Like Mozart, the Spurs are very old and boring".
Yeah, we have all heard it all before.  I really do feel that those that say phrases like this can't come to realize that what the Spurs do every year, and continue to do, is flabbergasting.  Yes, I dropped that street cred on you guys.  Face the facts.  The Spurs are a well-oiled machine.  They have the pieces in place and the players that know their role on the team.  No dealing with egos (yeah we don't miss you DeJuan Blair), every player trusts every move and or decision that is made on the floor.

So Spurs fans, do you think Gortat nailed it right on the head with his statement on the Spurs being like Mozart?

Michael Rehome

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