Manu Ginobili is happy for the great start to season

For the San Antonio Spurs and their fans, the way last season ended only added more fuel to the fire for the upcoming 2013-2014 NBA season.  The Spurs made their adjustments in the offseason, seemingly bringing back the same team, minus a few, to begin their journey back to the NBA Finals and capturing the franchises fifth ring.

Players were upset from the outcome, which is understandable, but to this day, Manu Ginobili still feels the effect of the NBA Finals, and the outlook thus far during this season.  He did put most of the blame on his play during the Finals.  He though is feeling great about his start to the season.

Ginobili released a column on the website while the team was in Orlando and he spoke upon the team's hot start.

Individually, I'm very happy . Which team do well helps one to do well . Tore loose medium to the hoop , but in recent days I settled . Last season was difficult for me because I had too many injuries that affected my ability to enjoy what I do . Now the chip changed a bit and I aim to fare better , have fun on the court and be calmer . Sometimes you play badly and gets bad vibes , but I value being healthy , being on the court with my teammates and compete every day. Typically, if the team is good , as is 13-2 , the mood is optimal , the coaching staff is quiet , leaders are in a good mood … It is true that there was not a year in my career in that we did not do well in the regular stage , we are used to to do well . But this year is even better. Or at least how I see it .

Manu touched on what is very important not only for any team but for this team, health.  This is no secret and will not come down as a bombshell to the fans, this team is not young, Timmeh, Parker and Ginobili are getting up their in age and the timeline for the 'Big 3' to capture the franchises fifth ring is dwindling down.  I am not going to sit here and take you down memory lane from last season, Ginobii did have to cope with injuries that we all saw limited him for doing what he does best, slicing to the rim and finding that open player.  Being healthy is key.

He goes on to talk about what other teams may not have the luxury of having and that is a second unit that comes off of the bench and play within their roles.  Just as the first team, the second unit continues with the game plan that is set forth for each player on the team, move the ball, find open players and play defense.

And here we integrate what we call " second unit " are taking us very well. Playing well, moving the ball , shooting well . Patty Mills, Marco Belinelli and I are understanding each other very well and looks at the results. A Marco, one of the new , I know him since he was 15 years, and now we have fun together on the court. And while I take and I practice my Italian , which came rapidly decaying .
How fun is it going to be watching Ginobili and Belinelli grow with one another?  They have already shown glimpses of being a duo that could overtake a game.  Belinelli is coming into his own.  There are many that expect good things from him as he contributed well last season with the Chicago Bulls.
Ginobili in a nut shell is off to a great start, there seemed to have been no hangover from last season.  Ginobili and the San Antonio Spurs are once again "flying under the radar".
Michael Rehome

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