Lebron dances while dribbling in the middle of a game. Do you have a problem with this?

This past Tuesday during the Miami Heat 104-95 victory over the Toronto Raptors, LeBron James actions with 1-minute 35-seconds has caused quite a stir with the players and fans in Toronto. James advances the ball, after a save by teammate Ray Allen, dribbles it up the floor and then what transpires afterwards is not a good show of sportsmanship.

During the video you can hear the reaction from the fans in the arena when James starts auditioning for Dancing with the Stars.  Even those moves will not get him an invite, I am sorry LeBron but my kids have more rhythm than you.

I feel that there is so many areas that this is touching and frankly this made my continuing respect for James dwindle more and more away.  The cockiness that he is showing as if the Raptors had no chance of defeating the Heat and to James it was just a boring, boring game, he did have 35 points, 8 assists and 8 rebounds, so yeah it seemed to be all in a days work for James.

If I were the defender on the play,  I would just get a technical and have to give James a nice clothesline when dribbling towards the hole.  That may just be me.  We have all been in a situation when the game is almost over and your team is down by at least ten, you may be on the other end like the Heat were with a lead.  But, did you ever, ever feel the need to bust a move and "show-up" the player in front of you and the team?

What are your thoughts on LeBron's show-boating San Antonio Spurs fans? Disrespectful or do you feel he is just having fun playing the game he loves?

Michael Rehome

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Michael grew up in a Military family and has spent most of his life in San Antonio Texas. Married with two daughters of his own he grew up as many being a Chicago Bulls fan but grew to love the San Antonio Spurs and what their system and organization is all about. When he is not at home with this wife and kids or writing about the Spurs, he spends his time playing pick-up basketball with his friends. One time editor of Fansided Networks San Antonio Spurs blog Air Alamo, before joining the staff at Project Spurs.