Knicks’ World Peace says they’ll be ready for Spurs… in Finals?

The San Antonio Spurs scored 129.9 points per 100 possessions in their 120-89 victory over the New York Knicks. The Spurs nearly outscored the Knicks on just points in the paint and 3-pointers.
The Knicks' defense, currently 20th in defensive efficiency, is not indicative of a playoff team, much less a championship contender.
Cue delusional Knicks forward Metta World Peace. The 14-year veteran said the Knicks will be ready when, or if, they meet the Spurs in the Finals this year.
Via the New York Post:
“If we see them in the Finals we’ll be ready,” World Peace said.
That's a massive if — for reference, it's approximately the size of Kendrick Perkins' ass according to SportVU.
For one, their entire defense is contingent on funneling dribble penetration to Tyson Chandler. Chandler is sidelined for at least a month. New York has been outscored by 37 points in the 181 minutes he's been on the bench, which is essentially the equivalent to a 10 point deficit in a single 48 minute game.
Second, Andrea Bargnani is playing a prominent role in the rotation and he can't dribble, defend or rebound. 
And third, the Eastern Conference is considerably deeper this year, with Miami, Indiana, Chicago and Brooklyn vying for a berth in the Finals.
It's a pretty massive if.