Coach Popovich proud Parker addressed and apologized for quenelle gesture

AT&T CENTER – On Monday, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker issued a public apology for using the negative quenelle gesture in which he was photographed performing in the past.

Tuesday, with the Brooklyn Nets in town, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was asked if he addressed the situation with Parker, and Popovich didn't only address it with him, he was proud of Parker for apologizing publicly.

"I talked with Tony. I felt bad for him. Tony doesn't have an anti-semantic, anti-Muslim, or anti-Christian bone in his body," said Popovich before the Spurs played the Nets.

"That gesture was made three years ago and at that time he thought it meant something totally different – which it did to him. But it's morphed into something else overtime and I think it's a tribute to his leadership and maturity to understand that it has morphed, which he found out, into something that's pretty hateful and he realized that he needed to say something – that it's not appropriate."

"There's enough bigotry, racism, and hatred in the world already, so that things been taken too far and when  he was informed of that and understood it, he was very quick to denounce it and understand what he had to do. So I was proud of him."

Paul Garcia

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