Behind Bonner’s baby carrot endorsement

Bolthouse Farms, a Texas-based company selling "Shakedowns", is inherently simple — they offer baby carrots in a bag, mixed with a natural seasoning (be it ranch or lemon lime, whatever) and you just shake them in the bag until you're ready to eat a quick snack. Hence the word "shake," I think. I'm not entirely sure what the down part is all about.

Matt Bonner, a professional basketball player, is also inherently simple — he stands on the perimeter, primarily shoots 3-pointers, very rarely plays point guard and he wears New Balance shoes, the epitome of simple. His hair is also the same color of baby carrots!

The pair made a perfect advertising match.

Via SB Nation:

It was a bit of a random occurrence in that I had a friend who happened to be one of the musicians on the whole Shakedowns Texas advertising product launch campaign. He actually went to San Antonio to do some press, and it occurred to him. "Hey, I have a good friend who's from San Antonio and plays for the Spurs, this is a Texas-based ad campaign, he has red hair, orange hair, it's baby carrots." The lightbulb went off. He called the advertising company and they called the corporation, Bolthouse, and they were like, "Yeah, let's do it."

It happened very quickly. Like in one night. I just met up with him for dinner or something and he brought it to me. We had a phone call. By the time I left that night he's like, "Alright, two days from now we're going to do this.

Here is the commercial, which is basically just a couple of dudes with shades, a rap-like beat in the background, rap-like gesticulations and Bonner acting (?) cool (?).


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