Video: ‘The Admiral’ Shares His Thoughts on Hazing & Leadership

It would not be a surprise if you were to look up the words "Leadership" and "Integrity" in the dictionary and see the picture of “David Robinson.

For over a decade, “The Admiral” lead the San Antonio Spurs both on and off the court and showed new teammates what was expected of them.

So during a recent interview with Dan Patrick, the subject matter turned to a lack of leadership in NBA locker rooms and hazing that occurs during a player’s rookie season.

First round draft picks these days are being asked to carry the team and have the offense molded to their talents as opposed to learning the system and working their way in.

Robinson believes that having a core of leaders provides a sense of consistency that provides a pathway for young players to follow and in the long run ensures their success.

Kawhi Leonard is a solid example.  In his first year, he was asked to defend and work on improving his shot.  The benefits were shown in last season’s playoff run where showed that he is ready to become a part of the next core group of players and leadership.

Robinson’s view on hazing was simple.  He saw no problem with having a rookie go grab coffee, carry bags on the roads and help gather equipment after practice. He felt that it helped to keep everything in perspective for young players.

He didn’t believe in the need to make a rookie buy lunch or dinner for the veterans or the need to use vulgarities or other demeaning words that were meant to help a player pay his “dues”.