TP makes Spurs coaches, fans cringe. Rides a motorized skateboard

San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker is having a fantastic season averaging 19.2 points 7.9 assists and 3 rebounds and some consider him an NBA MVP candidate.

And with the Spurs being hit hard by the injury bug this season, what would the last thing Spurs coaching staff and fans would not want to see TP doing on his off time?

Riding a motorized skateboard sans helmet or padding.

Check out Parker tweeting photos of himself doing exactly that while making Spurs fans thankful he didn’t get hurt.

Now this might be cool to do but I am sure there is some clause in his contract with San Antonio for him to avoid taking unnecessary risks during the season.

Then again this isn’t the first time TP did some activity to make Spurs coaches and fans cringe. Remember when he used a water-powered jet-pack during the lockout?