Tim Duncan: “The Big Fundamental”

Throughout NBA history there are few nicknames that completely suited the player that it was given to. There is Earvin “Magic” Johnson, his “Airness” Michael Jordan and, San Antonio Spurs own, “The Admiral” David Robinson.

Tim Duncan has entered that realm with the “Big Fundamental”.

All that Duncan does is provide you with a quiet and boring 20 points, 11.2 Rebound game.

Harvey Araton, of the New York Times, takes a look at Duncan and how it seems that his talents seem to exist with very little appreciation from your average NBA fan, along with how the coaches seemed to overlook Duncan who is having another fundamentally sound season by excluding him from the All-Star roster.

For Spurs fans, seeing him over looked is nothing new.  Duncan is the last link to the NBA that a lot of us grew up with where the play of the team was put ahead of the success of the individual.

For Duncan’s unselfishness is the basis for the Spurs organization.  By having the star player being a person who is the hardest worker and the easiest to coach, the other players know that they can either fall in line or be on the next train leaving town.

For all that has been made of the many faces of Duncan:

With the great first half of the season being had by Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, Duncan’s lack of a flashy game probably didn’t help him stay in the forefront of the minds of the Western Conference coaches.

As RC Buford said in an interview:

“I’m also sure his feelings are hurt a bit. He’s just never been one to show them.”

For some reason, I envision Duncan taking this snub and using it for motivation for a second half run by the Spurs that will roll in to another playoff run.

So Spurs’ fan how you view the Spurs attacking the second half of the season?