The NBA is Watching the Spurs and Changing Their Tune

The notion of the San Antonio Spurs being a boring team, that no one wants to watch, has been thrown around so much among the media, league offices and front offices that it is starting to earn frequent flyer miles on all the major airlines.

The funny thing is that team first concept and making the right basketball play has led to consistent excellence that other teams are beginning to take notice.

In Marc Stein’s article on, he shares how the NBA is following the offensive techniques that the Spurs use.

"Obviously you've got two new head coaches [Philadelphia's Brett Brown and Atlanta's Mike Budenholzer] that came right off of Pop's bench, but I see [several] teams that are taking pieces of the San Antonio puzzle in terms of trying to get the ball to change sides quickly and get into an early flow offense. 

"Indiana runs a piece of it. Denver runs a piece of it.”

That is the ultimate show of respect, for a Coach Popovich and the coaching staff, that competitors feel what you are doing is exactly what they need to do to help them get them get over the top and win the title.

It appears that the NBA teams are following the if you can’t beat them, join them philosophy.