Spurs trading for Turner an unlikely scenario

While visions of Evan Turner may be dancing around in the head of San Antonio Spurs fans due to recent trade rumors, it appears that the team's extended run of success is coming back to hinder them.

As Bill Ingram discussed in his recent chat on BasketballInsiders.com:

“Yes, I’ve seen that rumor, coming from Ken Berger. What no one will stipulate to is what San Antonio would send to Philly. The Spurs don’t have what the Sixers are looking for, namely a quality first round pick. They could send an ending contract, but the Sixers already have that with Turner. Additionally, the Spurs are not a team that looks to make a big move mid-season, though the injury factor might inspire them to break that tradition. Charlotte has more to offer in terms of what the Sixers are looking for.

With the Philadelphia 76ers looking to rebuild, they are not interested in getting veteran players or expiring contracts.  They are looking to get younger players, who will require a smaller salary and give them more flexibility.

Most teams that are on the cusp of being title contenders have picks towards the end of the lottery, or in the middle of the first round that lottery teams covet.   That way, teams are able to sneak back in and get multiple impact players in the same draft.

For the Spurs, their success has frequently landed them at the end of the first round, where most teams are reluctant to venture unless they are not able to find any other trade partners.

Courtesy of the ESPN Trade Machine, any trade that didn’t involve a draft pick would require the Spurs to give up some of their perimeter shooting assets.  Which given the struggles the Spur have had, would mean parting ways with players like Danny Green and Matt Bonner, which may be a price the Spurs are unwilling to pay.

So Spurs fans, would getting Turner at the cost of losing Green and the Red Mamba be a trade you will be willing to make?