Spurs’ Biggest Bench Threat: Patty Mills

During the last two seasons, the San Antonio Spurs’ bench has been a tale of two benches. 

In the regular season, the bench has looked like world beaters by getting victories against playoff contenders without “the Big Three” of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan.  During the playoffs though “the Big Three” have been left to do the heavy lifting and hit clutch shots with only Kawhi Leonard being the sole source of support.

In Winston Harris’ article on www.sportsrant.com, he shares his thoughts that Patty Mills, with Danny Green’s hand injury, maybe the Spurs’ best option coming off the bench. 

Mills has appeared to have earned the trust of the Coach Greg Popvich and the staff.  He’s averaging just under eight points a game while spacing the floor with his 46% field goal percentage, 42% from behind the arc, and 83.3 % from the free throw line in just under 17 minutes per game. 

While Mills’ improved statistics have earned him more time on the floor, his patience and time in the film room also helped. His presence on the defensive end and ability to keep the offense running smoothly, when Ginobili and Parker are resting on the bench, is what makes him so valuable.

Bonner and the other big men do give the Spurs size on the floor but their lack of presence on the defensive end is something that could end up hurting the Spurs come playoff time. 

What do you prefer Spurs’ fans, more fire power coming off the bench or someone that can hold their own on both ends of the floor?