Point Guard Play: How the West Will Be Won

With the 2014 NBA All-Star game coming up on February 14th, a quick glance at the point guards who made the roster for both teams yields that a bulk of the talent resides in the Western Conference. 

Cliff Brunt, an AP writer, shares his thoughts on six point guards who are leading their teams towards the playoffs in the Western Conference.

Goran Dragic was the odd man out for this years All-Star squad.  San Anotnio Spurs’ and their fans remember Dragic’s from his Game 3 in 2010 playoffs.  Dragic lead the Suns to the win where he scored 23 of 26 points in the fourth quarter.  Dragic is showing that he is ready to lead a team with his 20.1 point average while shooting 50.7% from the field and 39.4% from the three point area.  He changed the plans of the Suns from the rebuilding track to the current seventh seed in the Western Conference.

Steph Curry has been a deadly shooter since he entered the league from Davidson.  This season he has become better at balancing his scoring outbursts with setting up his teammates.  This season he has picked up his 6.6 assist per game career average up to 9.0, while improving his efficiency by raising his scoring average to a career high 22.0 points.

Damian Lillard has been pure electricity while lead the Portland Trailblazers. He has the ability to kill you from both the inside and the outside.  His ability to attack the basket makes you play off of him but his 40.9 % ensures that you drift too far back.

Chris Paul was providing another stellar season before his shoulder injury halted his 19.6 point and 11.2 assist per game average.  He is one of the few true point guards who are that excel at both setting up their teammates and scoring when their team’s need them the best.

Don’t let the Oklahoma City Thunder’s record fool you.  They need to have Russell Westbrook for any sustained playoff run.  He provides that effective second punch to Kevin Durant’s all world talent.  His experience is needed to hit and create big shots when Durant is going to face the elite defenses in the playoffs.

Tony Parker is the old man among the group when it comes to playoff experience. He has been through all the battles and knows what is expected of him by his team.  Parker knows how play well with in the offense and take over when needed. 

So Spurs’ fans, given the preceding list who would want to lead the San Antonio Spurs into the playoffs?