New York nightclub fights back against Parker’s lawsuit

The New York City nightclub where the Spurs’ Tony Parker got his eye cut during a fight between rappers Chris Brown and Drake isn’t just going to take Parker’s $20 million lawsuit lying down.

Lawyers for W.i.P. nightclub say that the fight between Drake and Brown was an “unforeseen and unexpected incident” and they shouldn’t be held responsible if two guys want to throw down in their club.

Apparently Parker thinks the club should have known that these two have a feud going on but W.i.P. claims it’s not their responsibility to keep up with what those hooligans are doing on Twitter.

“(Parker) appears to argue that (the club) owed a duty to control the conduct of the Brown and Drake entourages because there was purported ‘bad blood’ between Brown and Drake,” reads a filing by defense lawyer Je Jun Moon. “The negligence claim is based on the unsupportable implication (the club) had a duty to monitor through the media the social relationship of W.I.P. patrons.”

Looks like Tony Parker won’t get to be a millionaire after all (eye roll).

To me, this whole thing is ridiculous. If Tony Parker wanted to sue anyone, it should be Chris Brown or Drake, not the nightclub. You know the dangers when you go out partying in New York. There’s drinking, drugs and a bunch of dudes trying to take the prettiest girl home. The chance for a brawl is always there.

Parker just needs to suck it up, be glad that he wasn’t injured so badly that it cost him his career and just move on. He could also think of this as a red flag. He’s a professional athlete that should take better care of himself. Yes, athletes are allowed to have social lives, but when you’re out living it up on the town, be prepared for the consequences.

And that’s my moral soapboxing for the day.