Nash says Duncan still one of greatest players today

Last week after the Phoenix Suns visited San Antonio and were defeated by the Spurs 105-91, I had aTD chance to speak with Suns All-Star point guard Steve Nash.

Though Nash only played six minutes in the double-digit win for the Spurs, he was able to speak on why the Spurs are so good this year, and he said it all starts with their aging big man, Tim Duncan.

“Well Timmy’s amazing,” said Nash, “he might not have the numbers he once had, but his impact on the game is still huge.”

“In some ways with other numbers, he’s so smart, he’s so skilled, and such a leader,” continued Nash. “He still respects the game as much as ever even though he doesn’t have the huge numbers every night.”

And to Nash, though Duncan isn’t dominating in the post like he once was, as he’s become more of a finisher at the rim and spot-up shooter, Nash still feels Duncan is one of the league’s best players today, regardless of his age.

“He’s one of the greatest to ever play.”

Tonight the Spurs will face the Suns in Phoenix in the first game of a back-to-back to end the regular season.

Paul Garcia

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