Kyrie Irving Injury Shows Why Spurs Keep the Bench Ready

At the beginning of every season, each team makes a quick glance to the basketball and does a quick prayer to hope that no dramatic injuries happen to their star players. If a superstar does go down it’s the next man up according to NBA law.  Along with the maneuvers to see if they can make trades to get more talent on the roster to account for the injury.

Take Kyrie Irving for example.

With Irving’s knee injury, the Cleveland Cavaliers recent talk’s bout acquiring Pau Gasol now looks to be a move to help them stay afloat rather than help them get rid of the headache that is Andrew Bynum.

News like this makes you wonder, how the San Antonio Spurs would deal with an injury to Tony Parker.

During previous regular seasons, these players have showed that they can compete with the NBA elite without Parker. 

Gary Neal and George Hill are examples of what happens when you stay ready and step up when the opportunity presents itself in the Spurs system.  Both players excelled in the offense to the point where other teams snatched them up when the opportunity came to acquire them via trade or free agency.

With the Spurs’ team first model and Coach Popovich being known to rest his stars, players like Cory Joseph and Patty Mills have to be ready to step in at a moments notice and maintain the high level of play during the regular season.

The ability of the backups to keep the team rolling with out Parker has given the front office the confidence to be selective as to which deals they entertain during the trade deadline.

The back ups have been key contributors to the Spurs fifteen year playoff appearance streak.

So Spurs’ fans, how comfortable would you feel if you Patty Mills or Corey Joseph in starting line up come playoff time?