Diaw to re-sign with Spurs

Earlier this morning, we posted a report that said the San Antonio Spurs were confident they would beBD able to re-sign Tim Duncan, Boris Diaw, and Patty Mills.

Well it looks like that report had some accuracy as Diaw has decided to re-sign a two-year, 9.2 million dollar contract with the Spurs according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

As written in our first report, the only sign that showed Diaw was most likely going to end up back in San Antonio was the fact that Tony Parker said Diaw left all of his belongings in Parker’s San Antonio home before leaving for France. After playing 3/4 of last season in dreadful Charlotte, the Bobcats bought out Diaw’s contract and he signed with the Spurs. After just a few games with San Antonio, Diaw made his way to bumping DeJuan Blair to the bench and becoming the full time starting center.

Though he’s just 6’8 at center, Diaw gives the Spurs more versatility on offense and defense because he can pass, shoot, drive, finish in the pick-and-roll, and because of his extra size, he can hold his ground in the post when bigger players try to move him.

The Spurs had five free agents on July 1, two have elected to re-sign, now everyone will await word on Duncan and Mills. 

Paul Garcia

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