David Stern on the San Antonio Spurs

Commissioner David Stern always seems to have something candid to say about teams of 'lower market' in the NBA but surprisingly, Stern had some very positive words for the San Antonio Spurs Organization.  

As we have all read rumors about Stern not liking the success of the teams that are not Miami, Los Angeles, you know, the 'big name' cities that bring in a boat load of revenue to Stern and the NBA, well the San Antonio Spurs have had the reputation of not going after the big super stars that have contracts that are enormous or they are asking for an amount that the Spurs front office know they could get more than just one.

They [Spurs] have proven that spending less money for players is the right fit for them and they like it that way.  Stern sat down with Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Rucco on ESPN Radio last week (November 27th) and he gave praise to the silver and black.

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It is always a treasure to look at a well-managed team and to see how they do at the gate, as a matter of business. And to see how they look on the court.

I think that San Antonio, and I think everyone could agree, is the model of how a team, you would hope if you owned it, would be ran. They have been competitive for a long time.

As their competition would say, it sure helps to have Tim Duncan, but when you look at what they have surrounded him with and the way they have gone into the international market, they’re very, very excellent at what they do.

They bring people into a building, which is relatively new, but is continually updated. That makes me very happy, as does Oklahoma City (Thunder), as does watching what Portland (Trailblazers) is doing this year. It’s kind of fun.

Any market can compete in the NBA.

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