Could the NBA Say Good Bye to Divisions?

Viewing the NBA standings you can’t but help and notice that only four of the teams in the Eastern Conference have a winning record as opposed eight teams in the Western Conference.

With the Toronto Raptors leading the Atlantic division with a 16-16, a possible solution maybe to get rid of divisions and seed teams based on conference record.

According to incoming NBA commissioner Adam Silver, in an interview on the NBA’s channel on Sirius XM Radio, the NBA’s competition committee maybe having the same thoughts.

This seems like good on the surface but after a second look it may not be all that it is proposed to be.

With the rise of players playing for their home countries, teams are currently doing a balancing act of resting their players for the post season while battling to win the division title.  Removing the divisions would give teams less of an incentive to play their key players once they know that they have cemented their playoff seeding. 

The formula used to plan current eighty two game season has already produced a season that is already considered a grind and has an unbalanced schedule.  Removing divisions would require tweaking that formula to ensure that each team plays the other teams in the conference the same amount of times which could require more games that are played with the opposite conference.  This would yield more road trips and extend the season even more.

Winning the division also gives a team the incentive to play harder so that they can go from either a four, five or six seed to one of the top three seeds, thereby avoiding having to play the top seeded team until the conference championship series.

That way teams will play harder during the last few weeks and give a fair shot for the teams that will be battling for the seven or eight seeds as well.

So San Antonio Spurs fans, do you think a simple conference seeding would yield a better play in the playoffs?