Tiago’s travel troubles

San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter is one of the NBA players returning to America from playing basketball overseas. Splitter had to make it all the way to San Antonio from Spain, and it looks like his travel day was full of the problems we’ve come to expect and hate from the airline industry. In this case, American Airlines. He tweeted some of his misadventures along the way. I guess even NBA players go through some of the same travel problems we do.


I’m not sure how many flights it took Splitter to get from Spain to San Antonio, but if they were all delayed, I imagine he’s still a little stressed right now. We all know how frantic those long travel days can be. At least he made it home safe and sound, he just may have to buy some new underwear if his luggage got lost. Looking at the rest of his tweets though, he seems like a pretty easygoing guy, I bet he’s really excited to be playing NBA basketball again.

Let’s just hope he has some spare sneakers for tomorrow’s opening day of Spurs training camp.